Book Review: Shoe Addicts Anonymous

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

My second of my birthday gift books is a chick-lit novel by Beth Harbison called Shoe Addicts Anonymous. It follows four women in Washington, D.C., and their hardships with work and relationships as they bond over swapping their designer shoes every week.Here's a little tidbit about each of the characters:

  • Lorna Rafferty: A waitress who creates the Shoe Addicts Anonymous group after realizing that if she doesn't stop her shopaholic ways, she'll be click-clacking in her heels all the way to bankruptcy.

  • Helene Zaharis: Wife of a controlling, cheating, lying scumbag of a politician husband. He freezes her credit cards as punishment for not giving a him a baby to help his publicity, so she joins the group to gain independence--and shoes.

  • Sandra Vanderslice: A very obese woman who's so afraid to leave her house, she works as a phone-sex operator to pay for all her online shoe shopping. Joining the group is her attempt at overcoming her agoraphobia.

  • Jocelyn Bowen: A 20-something nanny who doesn't care about shoes, but joins the group to escape her bitchy employer. She doesn't wear the required 7.5 size of the group, but she's willing to buy vintage Guccis at Goodwill in exchange for freedom and friendship.

I loved this book; it was a fun, lighthearted read that still discussed serious subjects, like debt and betrayal. All the characters were endearing, and I cheered them all on as they overcame their obstacles. The women weren't like Carrie and friends in "Sex and the City," but I could still relate to them all, from Helene's nostalgia to Jocelyn's desire to please.

My only complaint was that it took too much time to bring all the characters together. The chapters started off describing the women individually, and Jocelyn doesn't appear until after 100 pages. But learning about their backgrounds was worth watching their friendship in the group grow.

Any lover of chick-lit should read this book. I also plan on checking out its sequel Secrets of a Shoe Addict, which follows Sandra's sister Tiffany.

A quick Google search also revealed that Halle Berry would star in a movie adaptation of this novel, but no news has come out recently--probably due to Halle's domestic disputes over custody of her daughter. I hope she can sort out her personal life soon and that this project hasn't been canned completely!

All in all, both birthday books were excellent picks! What an enjoyable way to celebrate another year of life--surrounded by great books!